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NPO863 is a non-profit organization (NPO) established to support and ease funeral procedures for foreigners living in Japan FREE OF COST. Because of the mixed culture present in Japan, the funeral procedures for a deceased foreign person are very complex and could be a strenuous task.


Current problem 

  • There are many support organizations but they are divided amongst each other, thus resulting in almost no cooperation and communication amongst organizations. This results in smaller communities being formed and a burden for an individual. 

  • High cost for transporting the deceased person to their home country; therefore making it difficult for the deceased person’s family member to pay for the funeral expenses.


Goals of NPO863

Our main objective is to ease the burden of funerals for foreigners residing in Japan by creating a single contact point acting on behalf of complicated funeral procedures and to create a society where foreigners and those around them can live with tranquillity of mind.  


Why establish NPO863?

About 7,500 foreigners living in Japan die annually, approximately 20 people per day. It is very common for many foreigners to find difficulties in paying and preparing for funeral expenses for their loved ones in this current corona pandemic. Funerals are mostly held at the expense of the local government, and as a result, sets a burden on local finances; furthermore, foreigners unintentionally tend to pay a higher price than the market price due to unfamiliar procedures.


In order to find a solution to the current situation, NPO863 is willing to establish a corporation and serve as a contact point for funeral procedures for foreigners residing in Japan.

 Our funds will be mostly in the form of donations from those who agree with our philosophy. When we are informed of a family that is currently in a financial crisis and their member has passed away, NPO863 will be there to pay/replace the funeral expenses of the deceased person. 

Through this activity, we aim to contribute to the construction of a new system that allows all foreigners living in Japan to be at financial ease when their loved one has passed away and reduce the financial burden on local governments.

 Rules of NPO863

  1. We do not receive any compensation.

  2. We do not accept donations in cash.

  3. While deciding on a trader, we get quotes from at least three different traders.

  4. When paying for funeral expenses, we will verify the details of the deceased person by name, nationality, and date of birth. After confirmation, we will then continue to pay via bank transfer. 


The actions of NPO corporation 863 can only be achieved by your support and corporation. 

If you agree to our terms, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Contact information


FAX: 0761-71-0463

Mobile: 0761-71-0863

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