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Final day - Day 3 of "Isuzu, Yanmar, and Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engine Removal"

Was this project a success? definitely not but we did get 60% of the work done. The issue was that we had rented out the area for dismantling for a few days and we had to get all of the ships dismantled during the timeframe but we couldn't get the main ships to the site so it was a bummer for us.

The two ships had the following marine diesel engines:



We couldn't get the engines out this time, but we plan to do it soon. Our customer has already reserved the engines so we must move fast to keep our promises to them.

The engines that were successfully taken out from the ships were a total of 5 engines and are the following:

Mitsubishi 6ZE-12

Isuzu UM6SD1TC2

Yanmar 6KY-ET (pre-sold out)

Yanmar 6GX-ET (pre-sold out)

Nissan Diesel FD606

Nissan Diesel FD606

Yanmar 6GX-ET

Yanmar 6KY-ET

Isuzu UM6SD1TC2

Mitsubishi 6ZE-12

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