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"Isuzu, Yanmar And Mitsubishi Marine Diesel Engine Removal" Project Day 1

The title is long, I hate it too hahaha

But - This project is going to be about us taking out a Yanmar, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi marine diesel engine from different ships for our customers.

The weather during the beginning of the year in Japan is very rough - the strong wind and the high waves makes it very difficult to move the ships from one prefecture to another but no matter what, I have to try hard and execute or else I am not fulfilling my responsibility.

There is a total seven ships to dispose of, and a total of six engines to collect. Yes, six engines, not seven and that is because one of the ships is just a shell.

On the February 4th, 2023, me and a good friend of mine, went to move a ship from Shizuoka to Hamamatsu prefecture. We started our day early in the morning, leaving Shiga prefecture 4 am in the morning and making our way to Shizuoka prefecture. We arrived 9 am and left the port by 9:30 am. It took a while to make some preparations.

We drove one ship and pulled the other small ship - one had a Yanmar 6KY-ET (3.03 gear ratio) and the other had a Nissan diesel engine in it - wasn't sure of the model though. Everything went smooth till the waves started to hit. The 6KY ship was pulling the smaller ship (Nissan diesel engine) and the base where the rope was tied, ripped apart. It didn't seemed serious but it was a disaster due to the waves. I injured my finger by having it smashed between metals. It wasn't easy but my right hand man was strong enough to do it himself so we managed to tied the rope back and make our way to Hamamatsu.

We arrived around 6 pm and secured the ships. The next trip is going to be two bigger ships, one ship pulling the other or it might be one ship pulling two ships, depends.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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