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"Electric Bike" Brand Project - Day 3

Sorry for the late post recently. I was on a business trip securing few deals with the seller regarding ships.

Well, this is the recent update on my yard for the brand building project!

The new fresh concrete looks clean and makes the place look much more lively. I am glad we had undergo the construction. It didn't take that long thanks to our brother and business partner, MERAL LLC.

We've also gathered a bunch of woods for future use. There is still a lot of trash to get rid of but hopefully we clean up that soon.

In the meantime, one of my other business partner has brought a souvenir from Yokohama to visually show me how an e-bike looks like and what steps we could take to make one of our own. I did not expect this but this thing is surprisingly awesome and very fun to ride. I am planning to make one and keep it for my own use.

e-bike prototype

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